Why Am I Here?

Thank you for contacting me on Fiverr. Due to Fiverr's policies, I am not allowed to communicate outside Fiverr, but sending you the link to my website is a way to bypass this filter. You can now get in contact with me through Discord, which is a much easier platform to communicate on. Click the button below, open a ticket in Services HQ and ill be right with you! In the ticket, make sure to include your Fiverr name so I know who you are.

I would like to reach out and say my apologises for making it a little long winded, but it's massively annoying on Fiverr's end. I understand their rule of not allowing it, but when it's for important discussions, credential sharing, scrensharing your issue or something else, it's not even possible to do that unless you are a Fiverr business customer. If you see the screenshot above, you can see why I am not allowed to. All Fiverr sellers have it. It's a TOS violation, and one of my gigs got taken down, loosing all 90/100 reviews on it, making me start from scratch. 

Please don't be that person and click "Report" on the message in the Fiverr chat which I sent you that takes you to my website. It makes it more of a problem for both of us.