I'm Jasmine.

Hey! I'm Jasmine or more commonly known as JasmeowTheCat! I am a system administrator with Windows and Linux systems, full time IT administrator offline, managing my own hosting company and much more.

I am motivated in projects, enjoy gaming and very up to date with the latest gadgets. I am currently open for commissions, so feel free to contact me about your next project or just to say hello!

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Good to meet you and I hope we do business together!

Please have a look around and see what services you require. Get in contact with me if you cannot find what you are looking for, I might be able to assist you on your ambition, idea, plan or business.

Work One To One

Working with me means that you don't work with a service team who don't treat you well or doesn't make the project unique. I work with you to make sure all requested work is of high standard.

Systems Administrator

With extensive knowledge of backend systems, the Minecraft community and an IT administrator, I have the skillset and expertise to help you on your next plan or project!